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Our Second Farm Visit

When I went to the farm, my best moment was when a sheep gave birth to twin lambs! They were so cute! We found out a lot of facts. Did you know that the tag on a cow’s ear is its passport? Also, our challenge was to build a net using one peg, a foot and one hand! It was hard, but fun!

                                             Hawah, Year Six


When I visited the farm, I saw lamb twins being born and they were very cute and little. Also, we visited the Limousine Cows with their calves and one licked my hand with its sand-paper tongue. In the turnip field, we all moved an electric fence so that the sheep could eat the next fresh patch of turnips. Julie set us the challenge of making a nest like a bird with pegs, instead of beaks and we used: twigs, leaves, mud to hold it together and feathers.

                                                  Lily, Year Six


The farm trip was amazing, but also very disgusting and unusual. Watching the lambing at first was exciting then my stomach churned and twisted until I was nearly sick! My favourite part was when Hamza and I drew first with Lily and Tia on making bird nests with just pegs and feet (It got hard, so we could use one hand!).

                                              Brandon, Year Six



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