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Spring Term:

The Song from Somewhere Else

During the start of the spring term, Class Six focussed on a book called The Song from Somewhere Else written by A.F Harold and illustrated by Levi Pinfold.

This book brought up a lot of topics in class as it is about Frank, a young girl, who is bullied, finding herself a friend, who was born on the other side of a portal to a different world.

We considered and predicted what could happen; in doing so we learnt how to use the subjunctive. After we had completed the book, the class created a review to show our thoughts on how the author used suspense and show not tell to convey the emotions of the characters.

We were also given the task of planning, writing and editing our own chapter to add to the book so that Frank travels through a portal to a new world and the dilemma is discovering a way back to Earth. Finally, we used the idea that A.F Harold would re-publish his book to include our chapter so we could design a new front cover.

As the book includes the topic of bullying, we also used it as an inspiration for Anti-Bullying week.

Reported by: Lily

This half term our topic is based around the illustrated version of The Iron Man by Ted Hughes.


This is the version of the book we are using, which is illustrated by Laura Carlin.

Picture 1



For the first half term of Year Six, we have had the amazing topic of The Iron Man! During this topic, we have read the book and made predictions of what might happen. Art was great for this as we could sketch The Iron Man and we have produced some wonderful pictures. Our geography lessons have been considering where the iron man could be and the features that would appear in the story. In one of our literacy lessons, we had great fun creating a scrumptious feast for The Iron Man too, so keep a look out for our menus!

Reported by Lily

Picture 1 Freya's artwork.
Picture 2 Annalise's artwork.
Picture 3 A selection of our scrumptious menus.
Picture 4 Ayden's poem.
Picture 5