St George's CE Primary School and Nursery

Nurturing the Spirit Succeeding Together Learning for Life


To find out more about the curriculum that we are following at St George's, contact the school for further information.


At St George’s we offer a curriculum which is broad and balanced. Our school curriculum comprises of learning and other experiences that we plan for our pupils. This includes the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum. It is broadly organised into themes and topics where possible and is adjusted accordingly to meet the needs and interests of the pupils.


Our school aims to provide a curriculum of rich, varied and memorable learning experiences that nurture children, allowing them to flourish and thrive. Teachers collaboratively plan engaging curriculum opportunities where pupils acquire knowledge and develop skills and positive attitudes to achieve their full potential.

Through our teaching we aim to create a learning culture which:


  • develops growth mind-sets, where learning is seen as incremental and achievable;

  • enables children to become confident, resourceful, resilient, enquiring and independent learners;

  • nurtures children’s self-esteem and help them build positive relationships with other people;

  • develops children’s self-respect and encourage children to respect the ideas, attitudes, values and feelings of others;

  • shows children how to develop respect and have a tolerance for all cultures and faiths through our school values, promoting positive attitudes towards other people;enabling children to understand their community and help them feel valued as part of this community;

  • helps children grow into reliable, independent and positive citizens.


This learning culture will allow children to have frequent opportunities to develop fluency and flair.