St George's CE Primary School and Nursery

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At St George’s CE Primary, we aim for our pupils to become skilled and enthusiastic users of the English language through speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Throughout the school, lessons will include elements of all these aspects with particular focus on developing skills in a specific area. Pupils are encouraged to develop their speaking and listening skills in a range of contexts across the curriculum through opportunities for paired, group and class discussion as well as exploration through storytelling and drama.

Daily phonics is taught through  mainly the Letters and Sounds phonics programme in EYFS and KS1.Our aim is to ensure that pupils can sound and blend unfamiliar printed words quickly and accurately. This is supported by practising their reading with books matched to their phonic knowledge and skill.

We teach children to read through a range of activities and experiences aimed at developing understanding and nurturing a love of books and reading. As pupils progress in their decoding skills, there is more emphasis on independent language comprehension and analysis of different texts.

Pupils are encouraged to become independent writers and to transfer skills acquired in speaking, listening and reading to their writing. Pupils will have many opportunities to explore writing for different purposes and audiences in a range of curriculum areas. There is an emphasis on pupils proof reading their writing for clarity and cohesion and they are encouraged to revise their thinking and redraft after their writing has been evaluated .

At St. George's the children develop a neat, cursive style of handwriting and the expectation is that all children take pride in the presentation of their written work. We encourage written work to  be presented through a variety of media including the use of IT.

Vocabulary and Grammar is taught explicitly through speaking, reading and writing analysis. Once pupils are familiar with a grammatical concept they are encouraged to use and apply this concept in their own speaking and writing and recognise where it is used by others and comment on its effect.

Through our English curriculum we aim to give pupils valuable lifelong communication skills.