St George's CE Primary School and Nursery

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School Performance 2015/16

End of Key Stage 2 results are not comparable with previous years due to the new expectations set out in the National Curriculum/DFE.


Year 6 Teacher Assessment children reaching the end of Key Stage Two Standard:

Reading: 97%

Writing: 83% National figure for writing 74%

Maths: 90%


Year 6 SATs Test results children reaching the ‘Secondary Ready /Expected Standard’:

Reading: 63% National figure for Reading: 65%

SPAG: 80% National figure for SPAG: 72%

Maths: 77% National figure for Maths: 70%


Key Stage 2 Children who achieved:

The expected standard or above in Reading, Writing and Maths combined:

School :53%

Nat: 53%


Key Stage 2 Children's average progress in:

Reading, Writing and Maths combined: -0.6

Reading: -1.1 Floor standard for reading -5 to +5

Writing: 0.1 Floor standard for Writing -7 to +7

Maths: -0.7 Floor standard for Maths -5 to +5


Key Stage 2 average scaled score in:

Reading: 101.8 Expected scaled score 100

Maths: 102.6 Expected scaled score 100


Key Stage 2 Children who achieved a high level of attainment (above 110 )in: