St George's CE Primary School and Nursery

Nurturing the Spirit Succeeding Together Learning for Life

Vision and Values

St George’s CE Primary School and Nursery


Nurturing the spirit - Succeeding together - Learning for life


Mission Statement


We aim to give our children the best start in life, so that through their learning they will exceed their own expectations, have high aspirations and reach their potential.



As a Church of England school, we serve our community in the context of Christian belief, values and practice within a multicultural society, built on the shared values of:

Respect, Care, Perseverance, Belonging, Honesty, Independence, Reflection.



  1. Our school provides a high quality educational environment. Our children understand the Christian faith the school is founded upon, while also engaging with and celebrating other faiths, and recognise that we share many common experiences.
  2. Our children have a love for learning on their own and with others. They will be focussed, organised, energetic and confident. They will love to discuss and read from different texts and write creatively. They will apply their knowledge to everyday life, develop skills, embrace technology and adapt to change.
  3. The school promotes a healthy lifestyle. Our children will know what food is good for them and will enjoy taking part in a variety of sports. They will be able to manage money and behave responsibly.
  4. Our children are aware of and respect the environment they live in, and the effects of climate change. They will be prepared to play their part in caring for it for future generations.
  5. Our children are tolerant and respectful so that there is no discrimination on the basis of gender, ability, race, religion, belief or sexual orientation.
  6. Our children know how national and local government works and how the local community can make its voice heard. They will have driven change through participation in the school council.
  7. When they leave, pupils will have reached or exceeded age expected levels of attainment. They will be ready for Secondary Education with well-rounded knowledge and skills across all areas of the curriculum.
  8. All teaching and learning is delivered to an outstanding standard. We will nurture the enthusiasm and wellbeing of our teaching and support staff and invest in their quality, through ongoing development and training.
  9. Our facilities and grounds provide a safe and inspiring environment in which to learn. We will ensure that these are maintained and developed to meet future changing needs.
  10. Our Governors are committed to continual improvement by regular training and through their regular involvement in all aspects of the school. They will work closely with the Senior Leadership Team to realise these ambitions.